New Boutique Digital Marketing Agency in Arizona Offers Data-Based Strategies

Based in Flagstaff, Arizona, Mesa Marketing creates powerful, attractive, affordable, and content-rich websites that drive brand visibility and sales

Date: 01/01/23

Whitney Slightham Cripe coded her first website in middle school. She has since built a 13-year career directing marketing communications for universities, governments, and international businesses.

Slightham is launching a new web design and strategic marketing agency in Arizona: Mesa Marketing. The boutique agency offers affordable, custom website development, content strategy, search engine optimization, and copywriting services.

Slightham hopes that Mesa Marketing, based in Flagstaff, will become a leading marketing agency in Arizona.

“After talking to local businesses about their marketing experiences, I noticed a gap in the market,” Slightham said. “We have a real opportunity here to help small businesses and national organizations alike solve digital marketing problems and build brand authority.”

Unlike web development agencies that take months to build websites, Mesa Marketing delivers content-rich websites within as little as three days.

“I love a good sprint. We book one web client at a time, and so far everyone has appreciated having our undivided attention and speedy turnaround,” Slightham said. “Web design is a collaborative activity. We really need to understand the brand’s sales strategy, targeted buyers, and unique value to create websites that drive lead generation.”

Mesa Marketing clients can expect full-service web development, including:

  • Keyword research.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Content writing and included media selection.
  • Custom UX design.
  • On-page and technical SEO.
  • Lead generation strategy.

Mesa Marketing’s prior projects include websites for an international scientific conference, a National Institutes of Health-funded resource center, a medical practice, a local government website, and a leading biomedical research institute. Slightham has also written lead-generating content for software as a service, industrial engineering, manufacturing, health care, finance, higher education, government agency, and direct-to-consumer clients.

Slightham, who moved to Flagstaff in July 2022, is an award-winning marketer who has led national and international strategic communications initiatives. She has a proven track record of elevating stories in prime media markets, including earned media in the BBC, CBC, Washington Post, and NPR. Her marketing campaigns have earned 11 international and national recognitions.

About Mesa Marketing
Founded in 2022, Mesa Marketing LLC is a digital marketing agency in Arizona that specializes in custom WordPress web design, web development, market research, content strategy, UX design, and professional copywriting. Mesa Marketing is headquartered in Flagstaff, Arizona, and serves both local and international clients.

Powerful websites, professional copywriting

Our custom WordPress websites are delivered quickly, easy to update, and optimized for search. Mesa website bundles include:

  • Custom WordPress Web Design

  • Professional Copywriting

  • Web Content Strategy

  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research

  • Search Engine Optimization